The Bunians Tale

“So one day, the farmer followed this woman entering a dark forest. He was never seen again. All villagers were looking up for him, but the search came up with nil result. Years, even hundreds years after, the farmer came home healthily. No scar, he wasn’t wounded by anyone. You know how his life ended, right? He could not find his family, since they all already died. Desperately, he died.”

My late-grandfather often sent me to bed with various of tales, some were fabulous, some other were mystique ones. I grew up with the uncontrolled curiousity in finding out whether they were truth or not. The one you just read was a story of Bunian people.

I googled that and found:
They are said to exist in large communities, mimicking human social structures, with families and clans. Orang Bunian are said to inhabit the deep forests, far from human contact, but they are also known to live near human communities, and are even said to share the same houses as human families. Some hauntings are attributed to orang bunian.
Orang bunian possess great supernatural powers, and have been known to befriend and assist humans, in particular pawangs or bomohs (malay shamans). Orang bunian are known to abduct human children, and are often blamed for leading people astray in the deep forest.
As orang bunian are very similar to human beings (except for the fact that they are usually ‘ghaib’ or ‘halimunan’, i.e. invisible and have supernatural powers) it is not unknown for them to intermarry with humans. Orang bunian live far longer than human beings. Stories are recounted of men who married orang bunian, but pining for their families they left behind, decided to leave the orang bunian. Upon their return to human society, they found that everyone they once knew has died, and that many years have passed- similar to the tale of Rip Van Winkle.

Interesting, huh? They can keep their residence to be secretly placed inside the dark forest. Some women from this tribe were famous for their act of kidnapping human. They must be living a peaceful life out there.

My late-grandpa pictured them like this:
“The woman, indeed, was very beautiful. She was using her attractiveness to kidnap men and bring them to the community. The Bunians usually attended any events with crowds there, so noone notice the difference. The main characteristic of them is that they do not have curved part between nose and lips, like ours.”

So, this writing was not purposed to expose of how exotic they might be. In order to bring back my childhood memory with the only grandfather I’ve known, I invited ANYONE who wants to make a team to prove The Bunians’ existence.

They were said to maintain their residential mostly in Sumatra and some parts of Malaysia [since the Malay also has this legend].

Meeting the Bunians would be one of my dreams while I’m still breathing on earth. It would be a great pleasure to know them…



  1. pasti bisa ko mba.. adsense-nya berjuang dan ingat pake bahasa inggris ya content-nya.. 🙂

    Salam kenal.. 😉

  2. Hhmm..

    Bercerita apa sich ini, ga mudeng he he he..


  3. nameeman said

    waduh,,gw tak ngerti,,,,,

  4. nameeman said

    eh,,ada yg lucu d rumah ane,,,,

  5. hunz said

    ooo… now i know where do you get that imaginative talent… hehe, you were absorbing what the grandpa told you when u were a baby.. hehe, telling a tale n then u became a story teller now, as yer grandpa did… hehehe…… cool!

    PUTRI said:
    yupp.. he’s good in telling stories.. miss him.. 🙂

  6. Pemulung said

    poto yang endang sekali …

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