a pathetic electronic cinematic love story

As I write this, I keep saying the same thing to my self: everyone’s almost similar. Each of us might keep a black part of so-called love story…

If I could ever dream, then the worst nightmare would be this: Be left with half empty heart. Feels like a near-death experience, when you see your body weakened. And each day passed only takes you to the deepest cut. Somehow, it’s weird knowing that you could feel-literally- a broken heart.

She always thinks of a never-ending delight in her life. Despite her bad luck in love, she tries to keep kinda positive thinking that other things in her life might be better as the time passes. She only has to patiently wait. She does have a diary, of course. But not much has been written. It’d be better to keep it by her self, she mumbled. She already stopped put some trust to her friends, since the last time they have functions as matchmakers for her.

“Time heals,” her friends said, giving up for her stubbornness. No, she sighed. Time will not heal anything in her case. She drowned herself between Rosie Thomas’ Say Hello, Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole, Enya’s May It Be, Paramore’s I Caught Myself, and last… Laskar Pelangi’s Seroja. Every time she needs a runaway, she would just put a big headset, sit silently in front of her PC, and play the same play list over and over again. Pathetic, huh?

Well, what could be more pathetic than a brokenhearted girl whose happy life waits behind? It was like a two-sided coin. She’s chosen. Reject all the possibilities [love] which have come and offered her something different. Now, she doesn’t even wanna know whether her choice brings her to the black part of a thing what people die for: LOVE.

She doesn’t deserve this, does she? It’s a long-suffering moment she could ever imagine to experience. Alone, she was trapped in her made-by-self misery. All she can see here now is that… she already lives her own pathetic electronic cinematic love story…

=been written at 3AM in the morning, after having a pray, while longing to be sleepy=



  1. idham said

    wew…banyak cerita sedih nih… yg penting tetap semangat

    PUTRI said:
    semangadh dunz.. 😛

  2. achoey said

    aku yakin kau gadis yang tangguh
    aku yakin kau tidaklah rapuh


    PUTRI said:
    pastinya.. kan pejantan, ups.. betina, maksudnya.. betina tangguh.. 🙂

  3. hunz said

    Coooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…….. COOL!!
    heheheheeheheheheheheh…. not to the stor, but!
    Gosh, what an extraordinary writing style you have!
    where do you get it? n the word?

    “Helloooo, Hanny, i’ve been reading novel LOTS for years n fyi in english too….”


    PUTRI said:
    hahahaa.. ga segitunya ah hunz.. *blushin* wordsnya derived dr orang kok.. cm diubah dikit aj 🙂
    been reading novel LOTS, iya.. but in English? Tar dlu.. 😛

    well, ok now about the story..
    a pathetic electronic cinematic love story??
    Mm.. you ‘ve got it girl…
    what do you want to do now?
    leave it?
    or just stay!!

    it’s really2 yer choice!
    just talk to yerselfffff…..
    n love her (you)…

    ok ok ok ok ok
    just believe it you can!!
    you can!
    you can!
    you can!
    Yes, you can!


    ms. hunzipheartcore!

  4. hunz said

    gw udah mengarang indah seindah2nya pelangi di udara untuk comment lu ini gakkkk ke saavveee…. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

    yer style of writing is : oh-my-god-perfect! ^0^
    bout yer problem : is in yer hand! Leave it or Stay!….

    hehehehehheheh, SEMANGAT!

    ms. hunzipheartcore!

    PUTRI said:
    ke’save mRs.Jentidz.. ni gw bales both.. eniwei.. my problem is in my consistency to keep writing.. 😛

  5. hunz said

    lahh.. kok ada, td gk ada… hehehehhe, weird! ^0^

    love yahhhh muahaaha…

  6. iwan said

    salam kenal yah…..

  7. achoey said


  8. milham said

    berat oi….
    saya gak bisa bawa kamus…
    jadi gak ngerti isinya hehehe

  9. cenya95 said

    Dah lama tak berkunjung ke sini.

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