orang yang aneh…

18 Januari jam 23:33
to accept thank you,to be pleased. how are you?.Im from turkey.

18 Januari jam 23:34
i;m from indonesia..
18 Januari jam 23:38
indonesia okey.great?what

18 Januari jam 23:40
18 Januari jam 23:53
to like photograph.

18 Januari jam 23:54
can u speak english?
cause i cant understand what u’re sayin..
19 Januari jam 0:02
to make friends wiht
19 Januari jam 6:10
from you to like………..
19 Januari jam 6:55
Excuse me

19 Januari jam 6:55
19 Januari jam 17:10
from you to like.to fall in love….
21 Januari jam 2:46
hi,how r u? I ve seen your fhoto in facebook.I was so amazaed by your picture.I can even say that I almost fell in love with you.
I would.like to get closer to you if possib. what do u say about this? waiting for your answer. by.

21 Januari jam 6:16
Your english is much more better than before.
That’s just photos, it wouldnt describe the real me.
But I always be available for a friendship.
21 Januari jam 21:29
ok.have you ever been turkey?

21 Januari jam 21:42
living HAPPILY in Indonesia.. 🙂
21 Januari jam 22:00

21 Januari jam 22:02
22 Januari jam 16:49
does it make any difference if I wait your for a while?and what do yu thınk about this issue?waiting for you.see.u.bye.

22 Januari jam 16:49
sorry..i dont understand what u mean.. 🙂
22 Januari jam 21:21
what I say is you look so sweet and I Wanna get closer to you…………bye

22 Januari jam 21:24
23 Januari jam 16:09
tou haven t replied to me.ıf you don t want to communicate I don t wanna bother you.sincerely.,,,,,,,,,,

23 Januari jam 18:57
i replied you.. havent u read that?
23 Januari jam 22:38
hello,,how is it goıng?

23 Januari jam 22:44
24 Januari jam 22:26
I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

24 Januari jam 22:27
iya deh..apa aja..
24 Januari jam 22:35
to apologize

24 Januari jam 22:39
its ok
24 Januari jam 22:47
windows livw massenger……msn
24 Januari jam 22:47
windows live massenger
25 Januari jam 6:14
me to get angry,,can you tell me . do you love me?????*
25 Januari jam 19:29
thanks for you kindness to accept my request but what I feel about yuo is more than a friendship
ıt s more like alove could you please send me your msn addres if possible? bye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
What you have just read above is my conversation via messages in Facebook with someone I’ve no idea about. He added, he
sent, he asked for a reply, and he became a lil bit rude [dont u see that?]. And I was like.. Hmmm.. Okay, so what do u want,
I remembered my MP friend who was being scared out to death because she was chatting with a person who’s died already.
She figured it out by searching his name in Google. I couldnt do that, and never thought bout it. Since the conversation was
done in Facebook juga kali yaa.. 😛
and while I’m stillwriting this, he just sent me..
Hari ini jam 4:01
how are you today?


  1. hahahaha…asli kagak nyambung…wkwkwkkw.. ;lol:
    but not bad, I Think :mrgreen:

  2. hanna said

    ahahaha…niatnya akmu kopas gini !!!
    kalian sama sekali gak chatingan kalo gitu…
    omongan ngalor ngidulllll

  3. Andri said

    whahaha… ho oh bener” ngalor ngidul.. ngga ada arah.. hahaha..

  4. indra1082 said

    Diskusi empat Mata nih???

    PUTRI said:
    Harusnya c.. tp kok ga berbau2 diskusi amat yak! secara ngga nyambung gitu,,,

  5. wahahahah,, bener2 aneh tuh…

    via YM juga sering dapet loh

    PUTRI said:
    masi diladenin jg Bil? ak sih males…

  6. Daiichi said

    Betul-betul Aneh…
    Salam KEnal..!! 😀

  7. Ayatullah said

    Biasa.. itu biasa….
    yang luar biasa… apa ya…

  8. elang smile said


    dasar eno,,,
    gag jelas,,,

    hohoho,,, tetep semangat wat ngobrol sama orang bule

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